Non Fiction Review

How to Have Fun! - Learn to Have Fun at Work and at HomeHow-Have-Fun-Learn

How to Have Fun! by Jackie Alexander is an in-depth look at how fun can help an adult. The book is extremely informative and gives you step by step process of why fun is needed as an adult. Some of the things the book does is talk about how fun helps a person's health, living situation, troubles at work, and social interaction. The book also delves into the many ways a person can have fun, with someone else or by themselves regardless of having money. I would recommend you read this because it will help you have a new outlook on life.

What is Kindle and Why is it worth your time? - Book 1 of the Rest of the Story about Kindle Publishing.What-Kindle-worth-your

This book is the first of a series of books and the introduction into the world of Kindle. It encompasses how the Kindle is a great new concept for authors and why authors should use it. The author explains in his book about how the old book publishing experience took place and how Kindle has changed that experience. If you want a good book to teach you what the Kindle is, this book is for you. I liked this book because it sets the tone for his other books which I have read. So if you want to be an author, read this series.

Title and Topic Research for your Kindle Books - Book 3 of the Rest Of the Story about Kindle PublishingTitle-Topic-Research-Kindle

This book is a great resource for those trying to get into kindle market. The author explains in detail the way most successful authors make money on the kindle. He does this by explaining what topics are the bestselling, how to find a good niche book, and the way the Amazon Kindle system works. I have read many different books trying to explain these topics, but this book actually taught me some new ways of creating kindle books.

The New Guide to Finding the Available Man: Secrets to Lasting Love (Stop Falling In Love With An Unavailable Man)New-Guide-Finding-Available

This book is about changing one's life in order to find a relationship. The book isn't a tell all book about how a person needs perfection to have love; rather it gives details on how to find love through minimal changes. Some of the changes needed to find love is to accept oneself, create your life space around love and developing oneself to accept the love. Overall, this book has some great points and helps a woman get closer to finding true love. I would definitely recommend you read it, if you want to find true love.