Science Fiction Reviews


Have you ever asked the question where the stories of the gods come from? Well in this exciting new space adventure the author answers the question. He gives a moving story about immortal aliens who have shaped human society in good and bad ways. The story consists of a group of aliens who fight to save humans and a split off group who wants to rule humans. This struggle has flourished from the beginning of human civilization and their fights have been attributed to the gods. The gods continue to struggle through modern civilization to the supposedly end coming in 2012 and this is where the main character is introduced to them. He joins the good aliens in hopes of avenging his father and protecting the woman he loves.


I would highly recommend anyone to read this book. The book, Alice in Deadland is a griping new take on Alice in Wonderland. The author creates a post apocalyptic world where zombies run rampant and threw in a little money grubbing mercenaries. The tale keeps you on your toes all the way to end with new twists and turns. I hope the writer will continue the book into a series, because the character of Alice as a warrior teenager is quite interesting.